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A1/A4 - Calcium dynamics in synapse-to-nucleus communication and network function

Principal investigator(s):

Goethe Universitšt Frankfurt am Main
Goethe-Center for Scientific Computing (G-CSC)
Kettenhofweg 139
D-60325 Frankfurt am Main


Projects within the BCCN:

In the context of the BCCN we are involved in two projects:
In A1 we study changes in cellular calcium signaling based on changes on the network level. The effect on the calcium level will be investigated with respect to implications for e.g. schizophrenia or depression. This work takes place in collaboration with Hilmar Bading.
In A4 we study the synapse at the neuromuscular junctions of the fruit fly as a model to investigate psychiatrically relevant genes in regulating intracellular dynamics and synaptic structure and function. The collaboration with Christoph Schuster will derive connections between genetic variations and morphologic alterations of the synaptic boutons. In a detailed computational model these morphologic specifications can be investigated with respect to synaptic signaling.

Participating groups:

Key publications:

Xylouris, K, Queisser, G, and Wittum, G (2010) A Three-Dimensional Mathematical Model of Active Signal Processing in Axons. in press .
Jungblut, D, Queisser, G, Wittum, G (2010) Inertia Based Filtering of High Resolution Images Using a GPU Cluster. in revision .
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Wittmann, M, Queisser, G, Eder, A, Wiegert, JS, Bengtson, CP, Hellwig, A, Wittum, G, and Bading, H (2009) Synaptic Activity Induces Dramatic Changes in the Geometry of the Cell Nucleus: Interplay Between Nuclear Structure, Histone H3 Phosphorylation, and Nuclear Calcium Signaling. The Journal of Neuroscience 29(47):14687-14700.
Queisser, G, Wittmann, M, Bading, H, and Wittum, G (2008) Filtering, reconstruction, and measurement of the geometry of nuclei from hippocampal neurons based on confocal microscopy data. Journal of Biomedical Optics 13, 014009.