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Queisser group

Principal investigator:
Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main
Goethe-Center for Scientific Computing (G-CSC)
Kettenhofweg 139
D-60325 Frankfurt am Main


General research interests and goals:

Our group develops mathematical methods and models, which are employable in neuroscientific research. We develop computational methods, models and software for cellular and sub-cellular signal processing in nerve cells, e.g. signal processing in axons and calcium coding in the nucleus, based on theories from continuum mechanics.
In order to model neurobiological processes in three dimensions and on realistic geometries, we develop software for the reconstruction of neurons and neuronal organelles. With reconstruction and simulation platforms at hand our research group has, for example, been investigating the morphological influence of cell nuclei on calcium regulated transcription processes in hippocampal neurons.
We focus on detailed modeling of signal processing in neurons and small networks. We understand the word “detailed” as resolving three-dimensional morphology of the underlying neuronal organelle and modeling the underlying biophysics in a spatio-temporal fashion. In particular we are interested in signal processing on different scales and motivated to couple these with advanced mathematical and computational methodology.



Current group members:

PhD students: Martin Stepniewski
Associates: Sergei Wolf

Key publications: