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    Olfactory stimulation, tDCS stimulation, and dreams
    Prof. Michael Schredl, Sleep Laboratory, Central Institute for Mental Health, Mannheim
    Olfactory stimulation, tDCS stimulation, and dreams
    The first part of the talk will focus on two experiments with olfactory stimulation. In the first experiment, we studied how the odor quality (positive vs. negative) affected dream emotions. In the second experiment, we wanted to test whether associations between pictures and odors training before sleep can lead to a reactivation of the picture in dreams after presenting the corresponding odor during REM sleep. The second part of the talk is about a study where we used tDCS (transcraniel direct current stimulation) to the prefrontal cortex during REM sleep in order to increase the possibility of lucid dreaming.
    CIMH Mannheim, Therapy Building, big lecture hall, 15:00-16:00