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Fiebach group

Principal investigator:
Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Department of Psychology
Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
Theodor W. Adorno-Platz 6
60323 Frankfurt am Main


General research interests and goals:

Our lab investigates higher cognitive functions such as working memory, language, and decision making, and how they are implemented in the brain. Our recent interests involve individual differences in cognitive abilities and their neural correlates, the interaction of emotion and cognition, and developmental cognitive neuroscience. In the context of the Bernstein Center, we investigate brain mechanisms underlying individual differences in cognitive flexibility vs. stability.



Current group members:

PostDocs: Kai Ueltzhoeffer / Ulrike Basten / Cindy Eckart / Sebastian Gagl / Jona Sassenhagen / Susanne Eisenhauer
PhD students: Diana Armbruster / Edvard Heikel / Kirsten Hilger / Rebecca Mayer

Key publications:

Galeano Weber E, Hahn T, Hilger K, Fiebach C J (2017) Distributed patterns of occipito-parietal functional connectivity predict the precision of visual working memory. NeuroImage, 146, 404-418 .
Hilger K, Ekman M, Fiebach CJ, Basten U (2017) Efficient hubs in the intelligent brain: Nodal efficiency of hub regions in the salience network is associated with general intelligence. Intelligence, 60, 10-25 .
(2016) Neural variability differentially affects cognitive flexibility and cognitive stability. Journal of Neuroscience, 36, 3978-3987 .
(2015) Stochastic dynamics underlying cognitive stability and flexibility. PLOS Computational Biology, e1004331 .
(2012) Prefrontal cortical mechanisms underlying individual differences in cognitive flexibility and stability. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 24, 2385-2399 .